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About Us

Tired of bans? Looking for high-quality trust accounts to work in social networks or to run ads? In our store you can buy accounts for facebook, instagram, reddit, telegram and even tik tok. Accounts are ideal for running ads, because many people know how difficult it can sometimes be to set up Facebook ads or face a number of problems on a low-quality account.

The advantage of our accounts

First of all, we specialize in trust accounts with farm. They are at least 4 weeks old, all have mobile registration, high social activity inside and outside the social network, a large number of friends, profile information is filled in, which is a great advantage and will help you launch an advertising campaign without any problems.

All Facebook accounts or, for example, reddit accounts or instagram accounts or any others presented on our website are being verified

Account price

The price of accounts is a separate advantage. For example, a person who understands Facebook farms and constantly sets up advertising for goods or professional services for himself or a client knows perfectly well that the price of a Facebook account with farm is from $7 to $12. him and other significant factors. Our prices are much lower, and the quality speaks for itself.

How to work with accounts?

Using Facebook as an example, with which many beginners have a lot of questions at the initial stages, we specifically publish videos and articles that reveal such questions: how to log into an account, or how to create a business manager, difficulties when launching an advertising campaign, how to protect an account, for that a social network can restrict or block your profile and how to avoid it, etc. To keep abreast of ongoing trends in working with social networks, subscribe to our channel and read our blog.

Friendly community

Participate in discussions with other participants on our telegram channel, where you can not only make suggestions, but also post advertisements, as well as seek advice or help from colleagues.

Promotions and offers

For our subscribers, interesting offers are held from time to time, and for regular customers there is a loyalty program, information about which can be found here.

We wish you comfortable work and zero bans!

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