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Facebook accounts with farm. What is farm?

Looking for quality Facebook accounts to run ads? But not everyone who runs ads knows that it's best to run Facebook ads using farmed accounts.

What is farm?

Farm accounts is a common term in social networks, in particular among specialists who are engaged in advertising. Farm means creating high-quality social media accounts (not only FB, but also Telegram, Instagram, Reddit, etc.) that can be used for advertising. The bottom line is to create an account that, by its actions on the network, will be as similar as possible to the account of a living person.

In this case, the social network is loyal to the account, does not impose sanctions on it, as, for example, on new registrations (confirm entry or provide identity documents, etc.), makes it possible to easily create a business manager, as well as launch an advertising campaign.

Why choose Facebook accounts with farm?

Accounts with farm have a pervobil which is much higher compared to newreg. It is also worth noting that there is a very noticeable difference in launching ads on Novoreg or on the farm.

Pharm has a vastly superior newreg trust. Age, high social activity, interaction with content and other factors contribute to this. Naturally, at startup, there are 80% fewer problems than with Novoreg.

Even when logging into a Facebook account with a farm, there is no risk of getting blocked or not logging in at all, which often happens on newregs. The kit usually comes with cookies that store session data, password and browsing history. With proper use of tools for launching ads, you can easily get started.

Summing up all of the above, we can say with confidence that farm accounts are a solution for both experienced affiliates and beginners

An example of an account with a farm can be viewed on our channel

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