In the presence of high-quality Facebook accounts with farm. Farm more than 2 weeks. There is a fan page, cookies
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Facebook farm with Fan page

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  • Product code: fbfarmfp000002
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  • $5.00

High-quality farm Facebook accounts for advertising

Mobile check-in. Linked mail

High social activity online and offline

There are categories of interests

Completed profile (avatar, cover, uploaded photo album, completed city, hometown)

Have friends

Have cookies

Have Fan Page

Before placing an order:

Select the format you need in the options, as well as whether you need it or not, fan page, token and business manager

How to start an account and not get banned:

Before working with an account, you must have knowledge about consumables for work (anti-detect browser, proxy) and how to log into your account using cookies. This information can be found under the product in our articles.

Mobile registration yes
Telephone yes
Email yes
Profile completion
Avatar yes
Cover yes
Town yes
Native town yes
Photo album yes
Number of friends 20-50
Фан пейдж
Created by Fan Page yes
Have interests yes
Business manager
Created a business manager no
Ads manager unlocked
Ads manager blocked no
Have cookies json
Ads token EEAB
Has a token yes

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