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How to get started with Facebook accounts?

Very often, newcomers who come to arbitration and buy accounts make fatal mistakes and lose their account. On our website, we always publish recommendations for working with accounts, but we always adhere to them.

Therefore, today, at the request of our subscribers, we will reveal important points before starting work with a Facebook account.

First of all, a future arbitrator or even a targetologist (they also buy accounts and set up ads) should learn the tools for work, at least the necessary minimum:

- proxy

- cookies

- user agent

- antidetect browser

How to work with Facebook account?

In order for your account, which you bought and waited for so long at the entrance to, not to receive a request to verify your identity for a suspicious login or, in extreme cases, not to be disabled, you need to log into your accounts through an anti-text browser. Below is an example of how this is done.

First, let's open our browser. It should be noted right away that browsers may differ from each other as well as their requirements for the cookie format or the account itself, but the settings will be approximately similar.

We create a new profile. In it we generate data and load cookies, user agent and proxy

After we launch the profile we created and configured, and if everything was done correctly, then we immediately get inside the account. It is also worth knowing that if, after setting up, an authorization window appears in front of you, then most likely the browser has a different cookie format or cookies were not loaded. In this case, you need to check with the browser's technical support for these points.

More clearly, the entire process of authorizing a profile is shown in the video on our channel.

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