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What is Reddit?

Many targetologists, arbitrage specialists, marketers, even owners of their own business projects often look for foreign audiences as potential clients. Not always work with the same Facebook or Instagram or Tik Tok justifies the goals. Today we will talk about another social network where your target audience lives. This is reddit

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a social network similar to Facebook, and somewhere even very similar in logic to Tik Tok or Instagram. The audience of Reddit is 90% English, which already indicates the correct choice of this social network as a potential target audience, mainly users of America and Europe

Reddit popularity

The number of Reddit users is over 36 million users, which counts every year. Average traffic is 1.2 billion users per month

How to work on reddit?

Reddit, like any social network, has the ability to launch targeted advertising. But it is also worth noting that, like in any other social network, be it Facebook or Instagram, everything revolves around the audience's involvement in publications in a particular group (subreddit), as well as the number of likes (upvotes) and comments on a particular publication. The ultimate goal, as elsewhere, is to attract subscribers. And you and I are well aware that the audience of subscribers is a potential audience of customers.

If we compare Reddit with other social networks, we can say quite confidently that Reddit does not have as many restrictions as the same Facebook or Telegram, and if you study and understand how everything works here, you can get your desired customer audience in a short period of time.

In the following articles, we will talk in more detail about the terminology on Reddit, what types of bans and restrictions are there, what they are issued for, what restrictions there are in groups, and we will also try to tell you how to advance on Reddit

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